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Finland welcomes to Lions Youth Exchange

International Youth Exchange (YE) is one of the most important activities of the Finnish Lions (MD 107). Since 1960s Finnish Lions Clubs have sent and hosted thousands and again thousands of young people to and from all continents of the world. Late 90s the Finnish YE made about 10% of all the world’s Lions YE.

The Finnish Youth Exchange Program invites youth from the whole world to experience the spirit of “WE SERVE” with the Finnish people and the Finnish Lions. Our host families want to be most generous to their guests. They are ready to open their homes for you. With the international youth in the Finnish Lions Camps, you can find out new friends, new cultures and new ways for your own and our common future.

You can apply for the Finnish Youth Exchange program through the Lions Clubs of your own country. Your candidacy must be approved by your sponsoring club and the application must be forwarded through the Lions organisation to the YCED MD107 Finland.

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Welcome to find Finland and our Lions Youth Exchange!

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Pirkko Kokkonen
Director of Youth Camps and Exchange  (YCED)
MD 107 Finland

 MD 107 Finland - Youth camp and exchange program

Finnish lions (MD 107) invite foreign students, born 1 July 1994 – 30 June 1999 (16 – 21
years) to participate in the Youth Exchange (YE) program in Finland in summer

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MD 107 Finland 2016-2017 Youth Camp and Exchange Chairpersons/Country Coordinators

YCED 107, Pirkko Kokkonen
General coordination, All incoming YE incl. placing to campsAddress: Viherkatu 2, FI-44120
Mobile: + 358 44 3314086

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International Youth Exchange

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